Rug Services

Arakelian has been furnishing homes with 100% handmade oriental rugs since 1908. We source rugs from all over the world to give you a truly exquisite choice of making your home look more beautiful with a one-of-a-kind rug. If you value uniqueness, and quality, you will love our rugs for exactly those qualities. Most of our rugs take years to weave and each knot is tied by hand. 

We take pride in our work, and in fulfilling your needs to your complete satisfaction.

Expert Rug Cleaning

A high quality rug is beautiful and can last for many decades. With the right care and cleaning, an expensive hand made rug can be passed on from generation to generation and only keep its value. Here at Arakelian we are the experts for maintaining your rugs so your children and their children can get to enjoy it. A thorough cleaning of rugs is very essential every few months so that the rug or carpet maintains its colors, density and look. Play the video to know more about our expert rug cleaning services. 

Rug Restoration and Repair

Sometimes our rugs bear the brunt of our busy day to day lives. A carpet can get worn out from a lot of foot traffic, pets, heavy furniture as well as sun exposure. Arakelian has all the tools and techniques required for complete rug restoration and repair of your beautiful, exquisite rugs. Call us for a free rug damage assessment and estimate of repair. Our customers have always been amazed by our rug restoration services. Rugs are meant to last more than a lifetime, so do not give up easily on the beautiful part of your home that are part of so many memories. Call us today for a free estimate.

Get a free estimate for your rug or carpet.